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CRI provides transparency to our clients as follows:

  • Client service checklist – through the service checklist made available to each client during the contract phase; they are in control of exactly what gets performed at their premises at the frequency they desire (be it daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly). When service is initiated, ON-SITE logbooks maintained by our employees are made available at all timeS. INSPECTION reports are aVAILABLE on-line. This ensures a match between what the client signed up for and what is actually being done so they can rest assured the value they desire is achieved.

  • Cost review – to also provide full transparency, during the contract phase full disclosure is provided in regards to the costs of service and the margin applied to make a fair profit. This also gives each client the assurance that a fair price is being applied to the services performed to provide the additional comfort.

  • Account manager access – our account managers are expected to “stay on top of” each client account and ensure their satisfaction is maintained. Therefore, a toll-free number and email address is provided so that each client can contact their account manager when they feel the need. If unavailable at the time, Each account manager is expected to get back and respond within 24 hours. Additionally, each account manager will proactively inspect each account and report to the client on a periodic basis to ensure consistent quality and satisfaction is maintained.