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CRI provides the consistency of our cleaning services “day in and day out” through the following:

  • Remote employee tracking – each employee is required to use their phone to log-in when they arrive at each premises to begin work and log-out accordingly when finished. This allows management to track each employee and ensure each client is being served.

  • Electronic Service logbook – once a services checklist has been agreed upon and a contract has been signed, a logbook containing that exact same checklist is placed into our database. Each day, our workers perform their work per the list to ensure each required item has been completed. The electronic logbook is maintained and made available to each client at all times.

  • Account manager inspections – each client/premises is assigned a specific account manager to be the main point-of-contact and is required to monitor the logbook entries, perform periodic inspections of each premises and meet with the client to review the findings of the inspections to discuss whether every aspect of the checklist was being performed as required, discuss any corrective actions if necessary, and site any special maintenance-related projects that may be desired to improve the general appearance of the property above and beyond the normal cleaning regimen.